The H Form

The H-form was designed by Andy Inglis and is one of the best tools for facilitating participatory monitoring, evaluation and planning you will find.

SPI uses H-forms along with maps and action plans for facilitating Community Planning processes in small or large groups and or one on one interviews with people on the streets.

Please see H-forms for monitoring and evaluation for information about the H-Form designed by SPI in 1997.

"The H Form is an evaluation method that was developed along with a
whole range of methods known as Participatory Appraisal (PA). The H
Form comes from Susan Guy and Andrew Inglis (1999). PA methods are
designed to give everyone a chance to have their say. Many of the PA
methods are visual and use materials that are ready and available
wherever you are. The H Form can be used to evaluate anything from a
conference to an event to a training course. It uses a single question
to ask: how good was the ... ? The responses to the question come
direct from participants’ experiences, and their answers highlight the
things that are important for them. In this way they create the agenda
for improvement and change – very powerful and very empowering."